Strategy consulting

We accompany you step by step in the development of your individual corporate strategy and advise you comprehensively and competently. Together we analyze the status quo and evaluate opportunities and risks in detail. 

 Using modern and innovative workshop methods such as Design Thinking, we develop and evaluate various strategic scenarios with you, creating and testing digital business models and then structuring the processes required for successful implementation. For us, this includes value-creating IoT scenarios in the context of digitalization as well as sustainable strategic partnerships.

Strategic realignment and business model development

Identifying opportunities, defining paths

Innovative business models, new technologies and platforms, international networks – the scope of strategic development areas is diverse and unpredictable. We provide the necessary insight with solid analysis and a structured approach.

We analyze the market and your competitive environment, identifying and evaluating disruptive trends or opportunities. From this basis, we identify the set of opportunities and potentials relevant to you, describing the possible fields of development and deriving your strategic (re)orientation. When developing your strategic visions and goals, we use proven formats such as Future Workshops and innovative methods such as Design Thinking.

IoT scenarios

Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

As experts in digitalization, we develop future scenarios with you, using innovative methods and new technologies such as robotics, sensor technology or wearables in order to test new business and service models, and then fast track the construction of initial prototypes – we recognize opportunities and limitations.