Max Görner, Executive Director bei Allfoye.

New impulse: 4 steps to a materiality analysis

In the new ''Themenschmiede" article, Marcel Agena talks about how companies can achieve a targeted materiality analysis.

Düsseldorf, May 08, 20234

The CSRD, also known as the “Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive”, is now widespread in the corporate landscape and poses challenges for many sustainability managers. Between the reporting requirements and the need for a thorough materiality analysis, they are looking for effective strategies to structure their approach while actively participating in the transformation of the company. This task is by no means trivial.

Marcel Agena, who previously worked as a sustainability manager himself and was responsible for reporting, has extensive operational experience in this area. In a recent article for Themenschmiede, he presents a pragmatic approach to help companies successfully complete the materiality analysis in four steps. His appeal is to see the requirements of CSRD not just as a burden, but as an opportunity to actively contribute to the transformation of the company.

Dr. Thomas M. Fischer

Max Görner

Marcel Agena is Senior Consultant at Allfoye Management Consulting. In his consulting projects - preferably on sustainable business model development and change management - he contributes his experience as a process expert and Manager Corporate Sustainability at the seed manufacturer KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA. Marcel Agena graduated from Wageningen University (NL) with a Bachelor's degree in International Development and a Master's degree in Management, Economics and Consumer Studies.