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End-to-end process optimization

How to unleash hidden potential across the entire value chain.

60% of process cycle time is wasted at interfaces! A drastic figure? We think so, too, and are getting to the bottom of the issue. In the web session, our process experts show you how you can uncover hidden potential with a holistic view of the value chain and achieve end-to-end optimization in your company - towards greater efficiency, stability and more motivated employees.
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  • 30.03.2023 17:00
  • 30.03.2023 18:15



Meet the speakers - and join us for a 75-minute journey.

Scenario: Process optimization? Yes please!

The pressure for efficiency and change in companies is high and is intensified by the ongoing perma-crisis. This brings an old acquaintance into focus: process optimization - as a central lever for more efficiency, agility, customer orientation, employee motivation and entrepreneurial resilience. Join us in taking a look at hidden potential along the entire value chain.

Impulse: From start to finish – optimizing value creation holistically

Dive with us into the world of process-oriented organizations and get to know a holistic approach with which you can identify potentials and optimize processes efficiently: From goal definition to the identification of success-critical processes to the design of end-to-end processes and their mapping in the process house. Look forward to a tangible methodology and practical examples.

Summary & Take-Aways

Let's review the journey and take away ideas to implement measures in your company.


Ask questions, get practical answers from our experts and the option to further exchange with them in person afterwards.