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Resilient Leadership

How to promote the resilience of your team.

Do you want a high-performing team that embraces challenges and emerges stronger from crises? Welcome to our web session. Learn more from our leadership expert Max Görner about a leadership approach you can use to build and train resilience. Take away valuable impulses and make yourself and your team fit for whatever comes next.
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  • 27.04.2023 17:00
  • 27.04.2023 18:00



Meet the speakers - and join us for a 60-minute journey.

Scenario: Resilience? Now!

As drastic as it may sound, dealing with uncertainty and crises is the new normal of our working world - characterized by geopolitical decisions, climate change, labor shortages and great unknowns, as the Corona pandemic has impressively shown. Resilience is needed! What does this mean for organizations, teams and leaders today and in the future? Join us for an opportunity-focused look at the world of permacrisis and change.

Impulse: Resilient leadership

Learn what's behind the new "business buzzword" and how this approach can help you build a resilient and mentally strong team.

Summary & Take-Aways

Become a creator of positive change, strengthen your team and your personal resilience. With ideas for action, you will make yourself fit for the challenges of everyday leadership.


Ask questions, get practical answers from our experts and the option to further exchange with them in person afterwards.