Top Talk: Future resilience in family-run medium-sized businesses

How a traditional company is courageously taking the road to modernity with new management and a clear customer focus.

It all began with a small dairy business, founded in 1887 in Wasserburg am Inn. Today, the Bauer Group forms a superordinate umbrella for the four business divisions Brand, Private Label, B2B and Convenience and exports products to more than 20 European and non-European countries. However, strongly changing consumer demands, international conflicts, inflation and energy crisis do not stop at this medium-sized company and required a comprehensive transformation.

As the new CEO since 2021, Heiko Modell is the first "family outsider" to be given the responsible role of leading the company into the future with new business models and a consistent customer focus. What makes his position special, how he managed the transformation and what conflicts had to be resolved – that's what he talks about in this year's first top-level interview with the show's host, Dr. Thomas Fischer.

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