Future platform

Networking and inspiration: innovative concepts and ideas for the digital future


Mindset Platform Berlin

Inspiration hub

Would you like to network with startups and work together with digital trendsetters? Embrace the innovative spirit and let it flow into your own work?

We offer the ideal environment for creative and innovative workshops in the digital age in the heart of Berlin's startup scene. Experience and feel the digital heartbeat and let yourself be inspired!

Company building

We create business models – and systematically destroy them

Developing new, innovative and/or complementary business models is very challenging. Nobody likes to think about potential risks. We go one step further. First, we develop your business model with top management, create a business plan and test it with a Company Builder.

Then a new team sets about "destroying" the new business model in a targeted manner. Assumptions are systematically questioned and potential vulnerabilities are identified. Better we do that than someone else.

Innovation Labs

(together with our partner B4B)

Are you looking to develop creative and innovative solutions quickly and pragmatically – in a fascinating environment? We offer you Innovation Labs in the heart of Düsseldorf, Graz and Berlin (soon) as well as in unique locations throughout Germany. 

Use a unique combination of experts from industry and technology for topics such as the definition of "Big Picture – Vision and Strategy", the "Customer Journey" and the concrete Digital Roadmap – and all this with innovative methods such as Design Thinking.

"One-day hack & inspiration" workshop

We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your business model

We offer you:

Workshop – 1-2 day(s)

Your company's management and several ("creative") key personnel.

Clarification of the business model status, examination of the environment and future topics, inspiration and ground-breaking examination of trends, customer requirements and competitiveness 

Raise awareness of the status of the business model and its value proposition
Gain incentives for possible business model innovation