Living diversity, creating unity

We bring together people with different characters, backgrounds and expertise - from experienced management consultants and industry-related executive advisors to design thinking trainers and practitioners. What we have in common is the conviction and passion with which we work every day at the interface between people and technology. That makes us strong. That makes us good at what we do. And we are on the lookout for more people who share exactly this drive with us.

12 reasons to say "yes"

As a Düsseldorf-based consulting firm, we are part of the All for One Group - the leading consulting and IT group in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This means we are also part of a close community of over 2,700 transformation & integration experts, new work advocates, cybersecurity specialists, big data & business analysts, industrial IoT engineers and consultants around SAP, Microsoft and IBM. Why working with us makes sense? 12 good reasons.

1. We stand for new work

New Work is our everyday life. We have a working method and culture that promotes cooperation and networking. We offer a lot of room for manoeuvre for your own decisions, decentralised project teams, agile working methods, modern collaboration tools and a newly conceived, innovative working environment.

2. We think outside the box

1,800 experts in their field - that is 1,800 opportunities to broaden one's own horizon, to network in a targeted manner, to exchange technical information. And sometimes it's just the opportunity to end the day together.

3. We are the ones with the many facets

A portfolio could hardly be broader: IT & Consulting around intelligent ERP solutions, Managed Cloud Services, Logistics & Supply Chain, New Work, Industrial IoT & Machine Learning, Cyber Security & Compliance, Customer & Employee Experience, Business Analytics, Strategy, Innovation & Transformation. Whatever you like - you will find it with us.

4. We can do an awful lot

And what exactly? Transformation. Technology. Consulting. Evaluate. Developing. Inspire. Innovate. Implementing. Lead. Engage. Migrate. Create. The best prerequisites for realising exciting projects - and for yourself.

5. We'll do our best for you

Massages in the offices. Private coaching and advice from the pme family service. Risk insurance in case of accident and prolonged illness. Women in management positions with part-time contract. Bike leasing via JobRad, personal development through mentoring - these are just some of the benefits waiting for you.

6. We support each other

Despite the size of the company, we have retained our cohesion, the spirit and the special "we-feeling". You will be supported from the very beginning and will find open doors (and ears). Structured onboarding included.

7. We are demanding

Successful top companies, hidden champions and world market leaders are among our customers. Just right for all those who have high demands, want to make a difference and take on responsibility.

PS: For our work we were awarded the title " Top Consultant 2019".

8. We are flexible

You want to work from home because the child is sick or the parents need to be cared for? You wish for an office day with a child? No problem. Our hybrid work options are sure to offer you the optimal solution for your current life situation.

9. We find the right development path

Our career model offers various development opportunities. In the target agreement or personnel development discussion, the appropriate path is worked out together and individually. In addition, there are regular training, mentoring and coaching sessions to accompany personal development.

10. We offer a lot of freedom

Clear target agreements set the direction. In between, we leave plenty of room for your own ideas, solutions and decisions. Working hours based on trust, home office and part-time models help to achieve set goals in one's own way.

11. We accept ratings

Self-praise cannot be reflected upon critically by anyone, not even oneself. We firmly believe that growth comes from constant questioning and learning from mistakes. This is how we develop as a team. What others say about us?

12. We are a Top Medium-Sized Employer 2021

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At least that's what FOCUS Business says about us. What is the reality? Just find out in a conversation. You will see: Everyone here is different - but likeable in any case.

Milena Obermann, Consultant at Allfoye

Reliability, the desire to make a difference together and a good feedback culture - that inspires me anew every day.

Milena Obermann, Consultant bei Allfoye

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Anja Abdalla, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Anja Abdalla

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager