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Together with our customers, we shape the path to a value-added, digital world - for a strong medium-sized company with resilience.


We are the Düsseldorf-based consulting firm for effective transformation. As the backbone of the European economy and society, the competitiveness of medium-sized businesses is a matter close to our heart. Our mission is to support medium-sized companies with good concepts, creative ideas and effective product and service solutions in their successful digital transformation.

Our team consists of experienced management consultants, design thinking trainers and practitioners who work with conviction and passion at the interface between people and technology. Together, we have implemented more than 250 successful transformation projects - and have been awarded the title of Top Consultant 2019.

Everyone at Allfoye is different, has individual "superpowers" and is therefore particularly good at mastering different challenges. Why don't you get an idea of our team for yourself? What are your fields of activity, which superpower are you looking for right now?

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Dr. Thomas Fischer, CEO & Founder

Dr. Thomas Fischer

CEO & Founder

Topic: Increase competitiveness.
Superpower: Expose critical success levers and activate the thrust.
And what else? Loves the sea, jazz music, red wine and his three children.

Jürgen Kegel, CFO & Executive Director

Jürgen Kegel

CFO & Executive Director

Topic: Transformation design & process optimization.
Superpower: Releasing energy - with energy and with passion.
And otherwise? Mountain bike fans, windsurfing enthusiasts and occasional half-marathon runners.

Michaela Babicz, CHRO & Senior Director

Michaela Babicz

CHRO & Senior Director

Topic: Organizational development & transformation design.
Superpower: helping people to recognize themselves and others.
And otherwise? Fresh air fanatic and epicurean.

Maren Rixen, Executive Director

Maren Rixen

Executive Director

Topic: Transformation design & process optimization.
Superpower: Moves people with positive energy and pragmatism.
And otherwise? Preferably among the dearest, with a view of the sea.

Tea Meiner, Senior Director Innovation

Tea Meiner

Senior Director Innovation

Topic: Agile transformation support & innovation development.
Superpower: Translating complex thoughts into fast action.
Otherwise like this? "Nordic by choice" and Yogini by passion.

Max Görner, Senior Director

Max Görner

Senior Director

Topic: Modern Work & Mindset Change.
Superpower: awakens undreamt-of potential and releases courageous change.
And otherwise? If not while hiking in the wild, then in the garage doing Krav Maga.

Partner (excerpt)

Alone you are good, together you are better. Together with our partners, we are putting additional superpower on the track - for maximum success in our transformation projects.

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Lena Henning, Head of Marketing & PR

Lena Henning

Head of Marketing & PR

Topic: (Digital) Portfolio Marketing, PR & Events.
Superpower: Turning problems into opportunities and using them for further development.
And otherwise? Likes Yoga, art, antiques, good wine, cows.

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