Organizational consulting

More than ever, companies and organizations must learn to live with unpredictability and complexity instead of seeking to control them. We show you how with concrete measures and various solution approaches.

Agile organizational structures & development

Effectiveness before perfectionism

A company must be dynamic and flexible, be able to react quickly to market and customer requirements, reduce costs, add value and enjoy success at the same time. We call this an agile organization

One thing is certain: Organizations and companies must embrace new ways in collaborative thinking. The challenge is to deal with unpredictability and complex requirements with confidence. We are witnessing a trend towards learning organizations, the use of innovative approaches to work and new organizational models. We support you and show you how to develop an agile mindset and methods within an established structure and integrate them into existing processes.

Process optimization

Leverage your company's potential in a sustainable way

In the course of digitalization, existing processes and established organizational structures in particular will change significantly – that is certain. But what exactly these changes will look like and to what extent their impact will be felt is usually unclear. Based on your individual "big picture", we analyze and optimize your processes and organizational performance, taking into account the four organizational cornerstones: structures, systems, management and people.

CFO excellence in the age of digitalization

Secure competitive advantages now

For the CFO of the future, digitalization means a multitude of new challenges. Topics such as adjustments to control systems, customer-centric organization,new KPIs as well as higher demands on analysis, reporting and planning through new technologies will greatly change the requirements for commercial corporate management. We support, advise and accompany CFOs and CFO organizations on their way from the "old" to the "new" digital world.

Our expertise is based on a sound knowledge of classical procedures and current systems. In addition, we also understand the opportunities and limitations of the new digital world (content and system related) and are therefore in a position to shape the transformation process in the most optimal and harmonious way. In the course of digitalization, the finance sector offers considerable opportunities to secure clear competitive advantages for your company – we show you how and provide support from functional conception through to technical implementation and anchoring in the company.

Company building

We create business models – and systematically destroy them

Developing new, innovative and/or complementary business models is very challenging. Nobody likes to think about potential risks. We go one step further. First, we develop your business model with senior management, create a business plan and test it with a Company Builder.

Then a new team sets about "destroying" the new business model in a targeted manner. Assumptions are systematically questioned and potential vulnerabilities are identified. Better we do that than someone else.