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The challenges of digitalization –  focus on competitiveness.

The topic of digitalization is often misperceived as being a pure "technology project" or "electrification" of processes. This point of view lacks depth. After all, the essential aim is to remain competitive in the future. This in itself is nothing new, as companies have always been confronted with the question of competitiveness.

What is new, however, is the significant increase in the pace of change that companies are facing in today’s market. These changes concern, for example:

  • Technological opportunities (for some, applications must first be developed)
  • Importance of service components
  • Alternative distribution channels
  • Attitude of customers (B2B is the new B2C)
  • Focus on customer needs with the demand for much greater differentiation
  • Increased pressure on internal efficiency and transparency 

Over the last few years, these factors are increasing the complexity of challenges facing companies, especially in relation to: 

  • Customer-centered and automated processes
  • Channels of distribution
  • Range of services
  • Organizational design
  • Technological foundations
  • Expansions of business models
  • Corporate culture

The timing of digitalization – when to start?

Many companies – and almost all our clients – face the challenge of identifying the initial steps and right approach to digitalization. In addition to the "what" and "how" questions, there is also the right "when?", i.e. the appropriate time to begin. In this context, we believe that Mittlestand pragmatism remains an important success factor, which we actively consider and incorporate into our projects.

Furthermore, we are convinced that companies benefit from starting early and securing a strong position from which to act. The question of the right speed requires careful thought –  but you are well advised to proceed swiftly in order to avoid being overtaken. 

Therefore, our recommendation is clear: Start now with the theme of digitalization!


The opportunities of digitalization

How we proceed

If one considers digitalization holistically, the theme covers all facets of an organization like a puzzle. But: you can't solve puzzles without a picture. In simple words, this metaphor outlines our frame of thought for digitalization projects and the procedures on which they are based:


First, together we sketch one or more "pictures" illustrating future possibilities for your company.


We then check which pieces of the puzzle (e.g. current projects and initiatives) already exist and describe which pieces are still missing.


Then we determine how best to assemble all the individual parts (= strategy)


Finally, we define the "surface" and "adhesive" (= IT architecture) on which the finished puzzle should finally be assembled.

The special feature:

Here, we operate in an iterative process and a changeable picture, i.e. all parameters can be flexibly adapted to changed conditions at any time.


Questions about digitalization

We have recognized digitalization as the central element of change and developed corresponding strategies and solutions. The topic encompasses the entire company – all departments, functions, processes and products, even employees. This process is accompanied by all kinds of questions, which we address together with you:

To what extent is progressive digitalization an issue for your company? 
Is your company fit for digitalization? 
To what extent is value creation digitally transferable for your business model? 
How do we lead your company safely into the digital age? 
How will you remain competitive in the future?

We offer you concrete answers and various approaches to all these questions:

Digital Roadmap

Your individual plan for the digital future

The demands of digitalization on people and markets are complex. With the digital roadmap, we support you in maintaining an overview. Based on our holistic digital readiness check to determine your company's position, we check the status quo along the digital frameworks (see diagram) and help you to identify opportunities and potentials.

We then use our innovative and creative workshop methods to define clear goals in the context of digitalization and develop a common digital roadmap. Embedded in a digital strategy, this roadmap includes the prioritized and evaluated measures, initiatives and projects necessary to achieve these objectives. In doing so, we take all relevant areas of the company into account and determine relevant topicsachievable deadlines and responsible teams.
The motto applies to all our measures:  

"Create orientation. Allow vision. Remain pragmatic".

Screen Shot 2017 11 02 at 09.15.00

The Allfoye Digital Framework© 

Allfoye Grafik Digital Framework


Digital Transformation Office

Your "digitalization command center"

Digitalization is not a (single) project, but the multi-faceted design of a complex change process. Therefore, in the Digital Transformation Office (=DTO) we combine the tasks of a multi-project management office with those of a Transformation Manager. In this way, we can simultaneously support the structuring of the change process, create the necessary systematics in multi-project management and integrate the necessary know-how for the implementation of digital transformation at any time.

Based on your individual objectives in the course of the digitalization process, the DTO can assume various roles: 

• Interim project manager
• Digitalization input generator
• Networker
• Best-practice provider 
• Customer focus lens 
• Coach for key players 
• Organizational integrator 
• Corporate culture developer 
• Innovation manager

This is achieved with the involvement of respective experts – always with the aim of ensuring maximum clarity, transparency and structure.


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Change management in the course of digitalization.

Shaping change and forging new paths 

We are proven experts in the field of change management. Projects and initiatives in the area of digitalization and transformation inevitably require change. Due to the increasing complexity and unpredictability of the evolving landscape, not only are change cycles shortened, the last phase "freeze" – the phase of stability and regeneration – is also very short, and often even eliminated. This is in stark contrast to the wide-spread desire many employees have for consistency and order within an organization.

We harmonize both sides of the spectrum, so that in the future, you are able to proactively shape change and forge new paths rather than just being caught in the whirlpool of change or even going under. For this purpose, we work with you to develop the appropriate concept and clear procedures. We use proven methods, such as stakeholder and impact analysis as well as the systematic deployment of Change Ambassadors.

In addition, we focus on targeted and innovative intervention measures in the area of communication (e.g. apps, platforms, social media) and the involvement of employees to reduce resistance and anxiety. Using agile approaches such as an agile project organization and iterative approach with clear result sprints, we anchor flexibility and dynamism in your corporate culture to sustainably prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow.


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Process and organizational optimization in the context of digitalization

Leverage your company's potential in a sustainable way

In the course of digitalization, existing processes and established organizational structures in particular will change significantly – that is certain. But what exactly these changes will look like and to what extent their impact will be felt is usually unclear.

The challenge is to deal with unpredictability and complex requirements with confidence. We support you in this and show you how to develop agile organizational structures and systems within an established structure and integrate them into existing processes. We use proven concepts in a new context, such as “lean management”in service processes, prototypingor role-plays. The goal is always the sustainable harnessing of your full (corporate )potential.


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CFO excellence in the age of digitalization

Secure competitive advantages now

For the CFO of the future, digitalization means a multitude of new challenges. Topics such as adjustments to control systems, customer-centric organization, new KPIs as well as higher demands on analysis, reporting and planning through new technologies will greatly change the requirements for commercial corporate management. We support, advise and accompany CFOs and CFO organizations on their way from the "old" to the "new" digital world.

Our expertise is based on a sound knowledge of classical procedures and current systems. In addition, we also understand the opportunities and limitations of the new digital world (content and system related) and are therefore in a position to shape the transformation process in the most optimal and harmonious way. In the course of digitalization, the finance sector offers considerable opportunities to secure clear competitive advantages for your company – we show you how and provide support from functional conception through to technical implementation and anchoring in the company. 

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