Transformation management 
Working for tomorrow

The implementation and support of change processes in companies are daily tasks of employees and managers. The desired goals and the right development paths to achieve them often lack clarity. As a consequence, desired outcomes are not realized and existing expectations remain unfulfilled, leading to a negative and demotivating experience. 

Professional transformation management helps you avoid these risks. We apply our experience in managing change processes and support the transformation of your organization at various levels: interpersonal, within the team or within organizational units.

Modern leadership

Taking the lead with motivated managers

Economic success must never obscure the fundamental need to reshape corporate management culture. Digitalization begins in the minds of people. New leadership does not mean the reinvention of leadership – it addresses the challenge of becoming significantly more adaptable. Digitalization exposes weaknesses and accelerates dynamic change. New management therefore requires a suitable "inner compass" alongside additional skills to keep the following developments in clear view: 

  1. Digitalization requires managing cultural change
  2. Agile approaches dominate
  3. VOPA forms the new management model
  4. Leadership requires "effecting".
  5. Hierarchical management concepts are on the brink of collapse
  6. Open-ended processes as key competencies
  7. Coaching becomes indispensable
  8. Attitude controls the behavior of the manager
  9. Technology expands the field of competence
  10. Everyone leads

Together with you, we develop the appropriate roadmap to proactively confront these developments and anchor them intelligently in your corporate culture.

A modern operation

Connect and collaborate

Open-plan office, home office or field service – the right framework is essential to ensure flexible work concepts are implemented and your employees remain productive. This means your company must provide the right infrastructure and equipment to enable teams to connect and work together efficiently. With the help of an online survey and structured requirement descriptions, we work with you to develop the appropriate infrastructure for modern collaboration within your company.

Cultural analysis & development

Culture is the key to success

We use a special methodology that makes corporate culture and its specific value characteristics measurable and thus controllable. We compare the current "ACTUAL" culture with a jointly defined "TARGET" culture, determine corresponding deviations and ensure the desired target state is achieved through specific measures and interventions.

Change management

Shaping change and forging new paths

We are proven experts in the field of change management. Projects and initiatives in the area of digitalization and transformation inevitably require change. Due to the increasing complexity and unpredictability of the evolving landscape, not only are change cycles shortened, the last phase "freeze" – the phase of stability and regeneration – is also very short, and often even eliminated. This is in stark contrast to the wide-spread desire many employees have for consistency and order within an organization.

We harmonize both sides of the spectrum, so that in the future, you are able to proactively shape change and forge new paths rather than just being caught in the whirlpool of change or even going under. For this purpose, we work with you to develop the appropriate concept and clear procedures. We use proven methods, such as stakeholder and impact analysis as well as the systematic deployment of Change Ambassadors.

In addition, we focus on targeted and innovative intervention measures in the area of communication (e.g. apps, platforms, social media) and the involvement of employees to reduce resistance and anxiety. Using agile approaches such as an agile project organization and iterative approach with clear result sprints, we anchor flexibility and dynamism in your corporate culture to sustainably prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow.