Dr. Thomas Fischer, CEO und Gründer der Allfoye.

New article by Dr. Thomas M. Fischer

Dr. Thomas M. Fischer, founder and CEO of Allfoye Management Consulting, publishes a new article in "Handelsblatt" in cooperation with "Handelsblatt" on corporate resilience in the crisis-ridden 21st century.

Düsseldorf, June 26, 2023

In today's turbulent business world, corporate resilience is a key success factor. But what constitutes corporate resilience? Dr Thomas M. Fischer, CEO and founder of Allfoye Management Consulting, asked dozens of executives from SMEs and corporations who have come through the crises of recent years in recognisably good shape. And lo and behold, a clear idea of what distinguishes a resilient company has emerged.

He has now published an abridged version of his soon to be published eBook in cooperation with Handelsblatt. Entitled "Resilienz - Hinterm Horizont geht's weiter", the article provides exciting impulses on how successful companies overcome crises, motivate teams and achieve continuous growth.

Dr. Thomas M. Fischer

Dr. Thomas M. Fischer

Dr. Thomas M. Fischer is the founder and CEO of Allfoye Management Consulting, a member of the supervisory board of the Bauer Group as well as the management board of the All for One Group, Chairman of the Institute for Leadership & Transformation and startup founder, coach and investor. His expertise lies in the field of digitalisation, new work and sustainability strategies for a resilient SME sector.

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