Daniel Arcularius, Director bei Allfoye Managementberatung.

New article: Using artificial intelligence (pragmatically)

A new article in our online magazine Themenschmiede with Daniel Arcularius, Director at Allfoye Managementberatung.

Düsseldorf, August 24, 2023

Digital transformation has long since entered the business world and Artificial Intelligence plays a central role in it. In an era where services like ChatGPT and AI applications already permeate everyday life, many companies are now faced with a crucial question: use or hesitate? And if so, how?

Our technology expert Daniel Arcularius has studied this question in depth and shares his experiences and observations in a new article for the Topic Forge Community. The article examines how AI is already influencing the business world and what opportunities arise for companies.

Daniel Arcularius

Daniel Arcularius

Daniel Arcularius, Director at Allfoye Management Consulting, is an expert in new work, team building and agile working methods as well as strategy and digital business model innovations. Previously, he worked for the mobility start-up evopark GmbH in sales and retail and for Nintendo of Europe GmbH in marketing. Daniel Arcularius holds a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration and Economics from Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf and a Master's degree from the European Business School Oestrich-Winkel and the Saisin Graduate Institute of Business Administration.

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