New episode of the startup series: Affordable high performance materials

A new episode of our Allfoye startup series "Startup meets Tom" with the startup FibreCoat.

Düsseldorf, 03 July 2023

In a new episode of our founder series "Startup meets Tom", Dr Thomas M. Fischer, founder and CEO of Allfoye Management Consulting, talks to the co-founders, Dr Robert Brüll and Dr Alexander Lüking, of the Aachen-based startup FibreCoat.

FibreCoat aims to revolutionise the industry through the use of high-performance metallic yarn. Thanks to a unique manufacturing method, the company succeeds in making the material affordable and sustainable. The use of metal-coated fibres, renewable raw materials and energy-reduced production processes makes it possible to both minimise the environmental impact and offer first-class materials.

The interview offers a comprehensive insight into the startup's future and its vision to transform the industry in a sustainable way. For companies interested in innovative high-performance materials or looking for ways to achieve their sustainability goals, we encourage you to watch the latest episode of our YouTube channel.

Dr. Robert Brüll and Dr. Alexander Lüking


Dr Thomas M. Fischer with Dr Robert Brüll (left) and Dr Alexander Lüking (right), Co-Founder of the startup FibreCoat.

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