New episode of the startup series: industrial smart watch

A new episode of our Allfoye startup series "Startup meets Tom" with the startup NIMMSTA.

Düsseldorf, January 12th, 2022

Receiving messages, tracking pulse rate, counting steps and all that directly on the wrist - the smart watch has (long since) arrived in private everyday life. The startup NIMMSTA has dared to transfer it to the corporate world.

Tom talks to CEOs Florian Ruhland and Andreas Funkenhauser about the Industrial Smart Watch from the Munich-based technology startup. The combination of robust hardware and innovative software makes it possible to make intralogistics processes up to 50% more efficient.

Andreas Funkenhauser and Florian Ruhland


Andreas Funkenhauser (left) and Florian Ruhland (right) are the founders and CEOs of NIMMSTA. Andi and Flo started their own business directly after graduation in 2009 and founded the engineering company AFR Engineering GmbH. In doing so, Andi was primarily responsible for engine development at BMW M GmbH and Flo for product development in the mechanical engineering sector. When Flo was looking for a mobile scanner in 2018, he did not find a product that met his requirements. So the idea came up to develop a wearable with touch display himself and the NIMMSTA HS 50 was born.

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