New expert interview with Dr. Thomas M. Fischer

WiWo editor Markus Plettendorff talks to Dr Thomas Fischer about the green transformation in industry and German SMEs.

Düsseldorf, 10. March, 2022

Opportunity instead of burden, together instead of alone - sustainability and digitalisation consistently thought together has the potential to decisively shape our economy and society.

Companies in industry and German SMEs in particular have a decisive role to play in making our environment and our society more sustainable. But how do companies in industry and German SMEs succeed in becoming more sustainable? What concrete measures can companies take to contribute to decarbonisation and why must sustainability and digitalisation be thought of together?

WiWo editor Markus Plettendorff talks to the managing director of Allfoye Managementberatung and founder of the Green Business Association, Dr Thomas Fischer, about the green transformation and harnessing the power of the many.

Dr. Thomas M. Fischer


Founder & CEO of Allfoye

Sought-after expert, consultant and keynote speaker on sustainable transformation in SMEs - with a focus on sustainability, culture and digitalisation.

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