A keynote speech by the CEO & Founder of Allfoye Management Consulting on the Purpose-driven Organisation at the Handelsblatt CFO Conference 2023.

Düsseldorf, April 13, 2023

It is obvious that new challenges are coming for everyone. CFOs have to meet them with creative solutions and keep a cool head at the same time.

At this year's CFO Conference of the Handelsblatt, thought leaders will discuss "decisions under increased uncertainty" and the current developments as well as the effects on business.

Dr. Thomas M. Fischer will be on stage again this year and will give a presentation on "Stars shine even in the rain: The Purpose-driven Organisation", he will give an impulse on Purpose as a management tool necessary for survival in a time of multi-crises and companies in overall social responsibility.

Dr. Thomas M. Fischer


Dr. Thomas M. Fischer is the founder and CEO of Allfoye Managementberatung, a member of the Supervisory Board of the Bauer Group and the Management Board of the All for One Group, Chairman of the Institute for Leadership & Transformation and startup founder, coach and investor. His expertise lies in the field of digitalization, New Work and sustainability strategies for a resilient SME sector.

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