Max Görner, Executive Director der Allfoye Managementberatung.

New article: Knowledge hiding

A new article in our online magazine Themenschmiede with Max Görner, Executive Director of Allfoye Managementberatung.

Düsseldorf, July 05, 2023

Knowledge is a valuable resource that can make the difference between success and stagnation. Yet employees often keep their knowledge to themselves - be it out of fear of competition, a lack of trust or a lack of motivation to share it.

In a new Themenschmiede article, the topic of knowledge hiding, the hidden phenomenon of knowledge retention in companies, is examined in more detail by Max Görner, Executive Director of Allfoye Management Consulting. The article titled "Knowledge Hiding: How to end the secrecy" presents the psychological background of this reticence and offers valuable solution approaches for companies to promote knowledge sharing.

Max Görner

Max Görner

Max Görner is Executive Director at Allfoye Management Consulting and Director Leadership Development at the European Institute for Leadership and Transformation (ILT). An expert in modern work and mindset change, he holds two MBA and Master of Science degrees from ESCP Europe Business School. He brings experience from several consulting positions, including avantum consult AG, and from his start-up Max Görner Transformation to his projects. As an executive coach, Max Görner is certified in the agile technique OKR as well as in the personality tools 9Level and Reiss Profile. Most recently, he published the book "Business Warrior - Defeat Stress, Manage Conflicts, Achieve Goals".

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