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Exclusive networking event on 05 March 2020 in Cologne. Experience an open exchange with medium-sized business managers, executives and start-ups, as well as exciting presentations on innovation management and the growth of start-ups.

When innovative founders meet successful medium-sized companies, new impulses and strategic cooperations are created. The late shift start-up scene and Allfoye Managementberatung are now offering a unique setting for a multifaceted exchange for the first time in Cologne: "Startup meets medium-sized businesses". The networking event invites medium-sized managing directors, executives and start-ups to engage in a joint exchange. Background talks with entrepreneurs and start-ups are planned for interested journalists. The framework is a relaxed lecture programme starting at 20:00 hrs with Kölsch and Limo. From innovation management in traditional family-owned companies to the handling of growth in start-ups: Michael Hetzer (Managing Director Elobau), Annemarie Heyl (Founder and CEO Kale&Me) and Philipp Andernach (Founder and CEO Service Partner One) will report on their experiences, point out possible solutions and encourage a joint exchange of ideas.

"We enjoy exchanging ideas with start-ups, sharing our knowledge, serving as sparring partners and thus advancing the business model," Hetzer knows.

Dr. Thomas Fischer, founder and managing director of Allfoye Managementberatung GmbH, is delighted to be in Cologne for the first time this year with "Startup meets Mittelstand": "In recent years, exciting cooperations have already been established within the framework of the event. It is always nice to meet new start-ups and medium-sized companies and inspire them to change their perspective".

Registration and the purchase of exclusive tickets is possible online at www.startup-meets-mittelstand.com. Interested journalists participate free of charge.

Markt & Mittelstand is the official media partner of the event series Startup meets Mittelstand. The entrepreneur magazine for German medium-sized businesses belongs to the renowned F.A.Z. publishing group and offers cross-media exciting added value for medium-sized businesses. Since 1994, "Markt und Mittelstand" has been helping Germany's managing directors to professionalise the core functions of a medium-sized company and to recognise important developments at an early stage and prepare for them. The experienced editorial team guarantees practical, realistic value-added texts from medium-sized companies for medium-sized businesses.