Dr. Thomas M. Fischer

Start of the third season of the founder series "Startup meets Tom

The Allfoye founder series "Startup meets Tom" starts with the third season and presents the startup Concular in a new episode.

Düsseldorf, 1st of June, 2022

The third season of the Allfoye start-up series "Startup meets Tom" begins. In this season, innovative start-ups are presented that want to move medium-sized companies forward.The new season starts with the start-up "Concular".

In the interview, Dr. Thomas Fischer and Annabelle von Reutern talk about sustainability in the construction industry. Currently, the construction industry is the biggest polluter in the world. Around 60% of global waste comes from construction. This is exactly where the start-up Concular comes in and wants to promote circular construction by trading second-hand building materials.

Annabelle von Reutern

Annabelle von Reutern und Dr. Thomas M. Fischer

Annabelle von Reutern, Head of Business Development of the startup Concular.

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