Back again: Top Talks with Thomas Fischer

The event series for management and board members with the founder of Allfoye Managementberatung as host. Broadcast live from the studio in Düsseldorf.

Düsseldorf, March 16, 2023

There are a number of major economic and future issues that occupy the management and executive boards of this country. The editorial team around the live discussion format "Spitzengespräche" has identified four important focal points for this year's edition and invited high-ranking company personalities to talk to them.

After the success of the new event format last year, the host once again welcomes well-known CEOs, CFOs and board members from the upper middle class for a one-on-one in the studio. The audience can expect "an intensive, in-depth exchange and the gaining of insights", says Thomas Fischer. "The point is to discuss with the guests on selected topics what challenges they are facing, what measures they have taken, what has worked and what has not and what they recommend to other companies. I look forward to deep insights and a lively discussion."

Viewers are cordially invited to attend live and join in the discussion.

These four discussion rounds are planned:

#1 // Future resilience in family-run medium-sized businesses - with Heiko Modell, CEO at Bauer Group // 23.05.2023, 13:00 - 13:45 hrs.
How the traditional company is courageously taking the path to modernity with new management and a clear customer focus.

#2 // New working worlds meet 150 years of tradition - with Katharina Roehrig, Managing Director at Melitta Group // 23.05.2023, 17:00 - 17:45 hrs
How the Minden-based coffee empire is modernising collaboration to make working "a pleasure" for young and old alike.

#3 // Modern leadership in an international environment - with Tatiana Ohm, Managing at Randstad Sourceright // 20.06.2023, 13:00 - 13:45 hrs.
How the global market leader for staffing solutions not only makes other employers better, but also consistently sweeps its own house.

#4 // Sustainability strategy as a competitive advantage - with Dr. Erich Schiffers, CEO & Dr Alexander Gulden, CTO at ZWILLING // 20.06.2023, 17:30 - 18:15 hrs.
How the Solingen-based cutlery specialist is becoming a pioneer and anchoring sustainability deeply in the company's core.

Dr. Thomas M. Fischer

Dr. Thomas M. Fischer

Dr Thomas M. Fischer is founder and CEO of Allfoye Managementberatung, member of the supervisory board of Bauer Group and the management board of All for One Group, chairman of the Institute for Leadership & Transformation and start-up founder, coach and investor. His expertise lies in the field of digitalisation, new work and sustainability strategies for a resilient SME sector. He is the initiator of the series of talks of the same name "Top Talks with Thomas Fischer".

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