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The reins in your hand

Proceed with projects quickly, protect your own organization from overheating and use resources efficiently: Successful companies manage all initiatives and projects synchronously. Use the possibilities of digital transformation to bundle your projects effectively and goal-oriented.

Added value with system

The technological change of recent years is without doubt the most significant of the last decade. In most cases, "traditional" companies cannot keep up with the speed of adaptation of start-ups and their customers. Many companies are concerned with the questions of which processes to digitalize, which new digital products and services can be offered and for what purpose.

We help you to translate the digital possibilities and capabilities of your company into business success in a structured way.

Our solutions

Consulting & Transformation Support

IT-Organization of the Future

We support you in the development of a holistic and well thought-out IT strategy and in the creation of the necessary framework conditions that are needed to make IT work as a strategic success factor in the company in the best possible way.


Digitization Check

Are you already using all the opportunities of digitization in your company? Whether BASIS, EXTENDED or DEEP DIVE: Find out how your digitization potential stands - and choose for yourself how in-depth our analyses, how concrete our recommendations for action and the accompaniment of the next steps on your digitization journey may be.


New and digital business models

The corona pandemic has released undreamt-of strengths and innovation potential in many companies. How do you now manage to use this energy and translate it into sustainable, new and digital business models? Our workshop will give you the answers.

Consulting & Transformation Support

Digital Transformation Office

You have a transformation project in front of your chest, but your capacities are reaching their limits? Our Digital Transformation Office comes to you - as Chief Digital Officer, Project Management Office, Change Manager and staff position for the management in one. Together with your project managers, we keep the goal in view and manoeuvre you successfully through the digital transformation for a limited period of time.

Consulting & Transformation Support

Digital Roadmap Design

Analyse with us the strategic guidelines for your digitisation journey. With the help of modern methods, we enable your management team to create a tailor-made "Digital Roadmap" and to implement it iteratively and goal-oriented.

Maren Rixen, Executive Director

It's fun to see how companies are successfully using digitization for themselves and developing new processes, services and support.

Maren Rixen, Executive Director

The advantages at a glance


Business Use First

We do not believe in business games, but in quick solutions and pragmatism. With the help of our many years of consulting practice and in cooperation with your experts, we ensure sustainable economic success.

Full speed ahead

It is not the best who win, but those who adapt the fastest. For you, we open our agile toolbox that translates complex scenarios into fast doing.

Help for self-help

Attitude controls behaviour - and we develop both through learning, understanding and application. With the help of inspiring environments and working methods, we enable the teams to anchor what they have learned in the company in the long term.

Excellent consultants


Recognized by WirtschaftsWoche as part of the Best of Consulting Awards 2023 in the categories of Organization and Digital Transformation.

We strive to give our best for you too – together, we are steering your company towards a successful future.

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