New Leadership


New Leadership

Chameleon leader?

Yesterday, managers had to "lead the way" and always have everything under control. Today, coaches are in demand who support their employees in a trend-setting and motivating way - a leader who conveys sense and vision.

Get the chameleon moving

Complex tasks, quick decisions, dealing with "failure" - these requirements can only be mastered in teams acting on their own responsibility. An often outdated understanding of leadership fails to be effective at this point. The management culture of many companies provides few concepts for this form of effective team leadership.

We help to make managers fit so that they can proactively shape these developments.

Our solutions


Enabling hybrid teams effectively

How do you manage to empower teams with a special task (e.g. second operating system or innovation team) even in the hybrid working world? Get the tools you need in just 2 days.

Coaching Program

Wrap-up: Motive-oriented management, eliminate time wasters

How do you, as a manager, manage to use your skills and your public image in such a way that you lead your teams effectively? Find out how you can do this in our New Leadership Program - and get tips on how to eliminate your daily "time eaters" right away.

Michaela Babicz, CHRO & Senior Director

Sustainable corporate success is always the result of a management attitude that matches the strategy.

Michaela Babicz, CHRO & Senior Director

The advantages at a glance


Making Mindset measurable

Sometimes labeled as insignificant for the success of a company, "soft factors" quickly take a back seat. We make the mindset of your employees measurable, make changes tangible and catapult this factor back into the front row with you.

Obtain tailor-made measures

In which direction should the mindset of your employees develop? Receive concrete measures that pay off on the strategy and thus on your company's success.

Penetrate the entire organization

"Half-fermenting" solutions block effective changes because they often only fight symptoms instead of tackling the causes. Together with you, we take a look into the "engine room" of your organization and dissolve mindset blockades where they really arise.

Awarded consultants


Awarded 2nd place "Best of Consulting Mittelstand 2022" in the category organizational transformation by WirtschaftsWoche.

We give our best for you, too – and together, we align your company for a successful future.

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