New Work Culture


New Work Culture

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How does an innovative, change-affirming mindset develop in every employee? Working on New Work Culture encompasses all facets of your organization: structure, system, mindset, and skills. In order to be fully and sustainably successful in the long term, creating a shared vision of your future New Work Culture is essential.

New Work is not a project...

... even if it starts with one. In addition to the roll-out of digital tools, there are often “painful” implications for current management. A new mindset is required to harness the potential of New Work and mitigate any resistance that arises within departments. This resistance arises when the reasons for change are not clear to every employee. New Work begins in people's minds – not with tools.

We support you in making the necessary mindset tangible and anchoring it effectively in your company.

Our solutions


Experience New Work in one day

“New Work” is now the business buzzword par excellence. Experience the impact New Work can have in your company with practical exercises in just one day. From A for agility to Z for zoom.


New Work Culture Quick Starter

How do you manage to create and effectively anchor an innovative, change-affirming mindset in every employee? In this 2-day workshop, you will learn how to achieve exactly that – to put it briefly: how to transform your organizational culture into the New Work era.

Max Görner, Executive Director

Successful companies need employees who approach change with courage and creativity.

Max Görner, Senior Director

The advantages at a glance


Making Mindset measurable

Often dismissed as insignificant for company success, "soft factors" quickly fade into the background. We make your employees' mindset measurable, changes tangible, and catapult this factor back into the spotlight with you.

Receive tailor-made measures

In which direction should the mindset of your employees develop? Receive concrete measures that contribute to the strategy and thereby to your company's success.

Penetrate the entire organization

“Half-baked” solutions obstruct effective change because they often only combat symptoms instead of tackling the causes. We take a look into the “engine room” of your organization with you and remove mindset barriers where they truly originate.

Excellent consultants


Recognized by WirtschaftsWoche as part of the Best of Consulting Awards 2023 in the categories of Organization and Digital Transformation.

We strive to give our best for you too – together, we are steering your company towards a successful future.


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